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The Music Coach doesn't dictate which chords to play or how the song should sound instead, they facilitate the creative process. This can encompass various activities such as:

  • Encouraging input from quieter band members, involving them in decision-making.
  • Providing an objective overview of the band's challenges and clarifying any misunderstandings.
  • Offering inspiration and brainstorming solutions to musical obstacles.
  • Suggesting breaks to rejuvenate and return with renewed energy.Organizing and experimenting with band members' ideas.
  • Offering encouragement and enthusiasm for progress, fostering a positive atmosphere.

Through collaborative problem-solving with support from the Music Coach, band members develop crucial interpersonal skills.

Rehearsal serves as a safe space for songwriting and where creativity thrives. Sharing creative ideas can be daunting, and the Music Coach plays a crucial role in maintaining a supportive environment. They create an atmosphere where band members feel secure enough to express themselves openly. Building trust between band members and the coach is essential fear of judgment can inhibit creativity. This task can be particularly challenging when band members are accustomed to hierarchical educational styles, but fostering a sense of safety is paramount.

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